Cocoa bean from Ella’s family farm in Ghana.

Cocoa bean from Ella’s family farm in Ghana.


our roots

After experiencing the exquisite taste of Nama chocolate while traveling abroad, Ella made it her mission to bring high-quality chocolate to everyone. She founded Cocoa Asante in 2018. While it is a fairly new company when it comes to chocolate products, the company’s history in the cocoa industry dates back generations. Due to its reputation for producing the best cocoa beans, sixty-five percent of the world’s cocoa comes from the west coast of Africa. Ella’s family has contributed to this thriving industry through their cocoa farms. Cocoa Asante seeks to extend this familial legacy by providing handcrafted truffles to people of all dietary needs. From the average chocolate consumer to health-conscious vegans, we have something for everyone.

“Pure. Authentic. Excellent. That is what we bring to you….because that is who we are.”


Cocoa Asante is committed to becoming bean to box. This means that we will control the entire production process from the cocoa bean to the truffles in the box. Doing so will allow us to invest more into the communities that grow our cocoa beans and it will ensure that our customers get the highest quality chocolate on the market. By purchasing Cocoa Asante, you are supporting a movement that values sustainability, fair trade and public transparency. While we are not yet bean to box, the chocolate that we currently use is ethically sourced from Ghana.