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Pure. Authentic. Excellent.

that is what we bring to you. . .because that is who we are.


Our Company

Cocoa Asante was founded in 2018 by Ella Livingston, a Ghanaian-American who made it her mission to provide chocolate of the best quality to chocolate lovers and vegans. We distribute our truffles to businesses in the Chattanooga area. Customers can purchase truffles directly from us online as well.

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Our Chocolate

We have a variety of chocolates for everyone, from vegan to gluten free truffles. The depth of flavor and the silky smooth texture of our chocolates provide an experience like none other. We take pride in the exquisite taste we are able to produce through the use of fresh ingredients of the highest quality.


Cocoa Asante’s Logo was inspired by the Ghanaian Adinkra Symbol Nsaa.

Nsaa: Translates to high quality. All of our packages contains this symbol as our seal of trust.


From the high quality ingredients used to the exquisite taste of our chocolate, it is our mission to bring you a product that allows you to experience Nsaa.